Software Development Kit

The Quantum Inspire SDK consists of a Python interface to the Quantum Inspire platform. The SDK makes it possible to programmatically generate quantum circuits and process the results.

The SDK consists of

  • A Python interface to the REST API of the Quantum Inspire platform
  • A sub-package for writing algorithms in the ProjectQ quantum algorithm programming language
  • A sub-package for writing algorithms in the Qiskit quantum algorithm programming language


While the SDK can use your email address and password to authenticate against the Quantum Inspire API server, it is recommended to use an API token.

Your personal API token is shown on your account overview page under My QI. The API token gives access to all regular functions of the API to execute algorithms. It cannot be used to access or modify any sensitive information such as your email address.

If for any reason you need to revoke your current API token and generate a new one, you can do so with the Generate new token button on the account overview page. Note that this will invalidate your existing token, and any scripts using that token will stop to work until you replace the token.

After calling save_account() once or enable_account() within your session, token authentication is done automatically when creating the Quantum Inspire API object, for instance with Qiskit or ProjectQ:

          # Qiskit token authentication, do
from quantuminspire.qiskit import QI

# ProjectQ token authentication, do
from quantuminspire.api import QuantumInspireAPI
qi = QuantumInspireAPI()

To create a token authentication object yourself to initialize the Quantum Inspire API using the stored token you do:

          from quantuminspire.credentials import get_token_authentication
auth = get_token_authentication()

Installation and usage instructions

More information, including installation instructions and usage examples, can be found on the GitHub page: and on Quantum Inspire Read the Docs: