About QI

What is Quantum Inspire

Quantum Inspire (QI) is a quantum computing platform designed and built by QuTech. The goal of Quantum Inspire is to provide users access to various technologies to perform quantum computations and insights in principles of quantum computing and access to the community.

Quantum Inspire (QI) is initiated by QuTech the advanced research center for quantum computing and quantum internet founded by TU Delft and TNO.

Quantum Inspire

Quantum algorithms

Quantum Inspire provides users a variety of ways to program quantum algorithms, execute these algorithms and examine the results. It provides a graphical interface to program in QASM (Quantum Assembly Language) and to visualize operations in circuit diagrams. With the QI Editor non-quantum experts can learn writing quantum algorithms with support of automatic bug identification and auto complete. Our Quick Quide will help you to make your first steps into the fascinating world of quantum computation.

          version 1.0

# Implementation of Deutsch algorithm with two qubits for f(x)=x

qubits 2

X q[1]
H q[0]
H q[1]
CNOT q[0],q[1]
H q[0]
measure q[0]

The output of a quantum algorithm can be examined using our built-in data viewer. Users can also download the output of quantum algorithms.

Getting the most out of our system

Quantum Inspire offers several types of accounts; Anonymous, Basic and Advanced. As an anonymous user you can write some basic algorithms and use up to 5 qubits in our QX simulator without having the possibility to save and share your results. With a basic account you can simulate quantum algorithms with up to 26 qubits and execute algorithms on our hardware back-ends. With an advanced account you can simulate up to 34 qubits using more powerful computer power on Lisa, one of the Dutch HPC systems at SURF.

Registration is needed for a basic and advanced account.

The simulations uses vector state representation of qubits and all qubits can be in a full superposition.

Cartesius supercomputer at SurfSara

We at QuTech strongly believe that only through close collaboration with external partners will it be possible to further accelerate the development and engineering in the field of quantum computing and to bring this technology to higher levels of Technology Readiness (TRL). If your company or institute is interested in investigating ways of cooperation to advance this exciting and challenging technology, you are more than welcome to contact us.