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TNO used Spin-2 QPU to test a Quantum Machine Learning model

Quantum Machine Learning is a promising application of quantum computers. TNO applied a 2-qubit classification algorithm to the Iris flower benchmark data set.

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We are currently working hard on upgrading our Spin-2 QPU, which had two single electron spin qubits in a double quantum dot in isotopically purified Si-28, to a 4-qubit system. Due to that transition Spin-2 is no longer available.

  • Nanosize - scalability
  • Long coherence time
  • Semiconductor compatibility
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The high connectivity of the transmon qubits in this chip earns them the nickname Starmon. Each Starmon has up to seven ports connecting it to a microwave-control line, a flux-bias line, a readout resonator, and up to 4 bus resonators.

  • High qubit connectivity
  • Fast two-qubit gates
  • Extensible architecture
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Full-stack quantum computer

Quantum Inspire is built using first-rate engineering practices. Starting from experimental set-ups, a layered and modular system was designed to end up with a solid and robust hardware system. This quantum computer consists of a number of layers including quantum chip hardware, classical control electronics, a quantum compiler and a software front-end with a cloud-accessible web-interface. Such a system is called a full-stack. Full-stack systems are essential testbeds for understanding this novel computational paradigm. They can act as technology accelerators because only through careful analysis of the individual system layers and their interdependencies it becomes possible to detect the gaps and necessary next steps in the innovation roadmap and supply chain.

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