QX Quantum Computer Simulator

Large number of qubits

Simulating quantum states requires a lot of memory. On the Surf Lisa HPC cluster up to 34 qubits can be simulated using 6 TeraBytes of memory.


QX emulator is a state of the art simulator written in C++ and using OpenMP for multi-core, multi node simulations. Depending on the type of user account job durations could be maximized to 30 minutes compute time.

Open source

QX is an open source project developed at the Quantum Engineering lab at TU Delft under Apache2.0 license. Feel free to contribute!

“In this age of quantum chips with low numbers of noisy qubits, powerful emulators are essential to test use cases but also to set requirements for system developments.”

Richard Versluis

Director of Engineering - QuTech Quantum Computing Division

System overview

At the heart of our QX simulator are three powerful supercomputer instances supporting the simulations of up to 34 qubits. We provide a rich gate set that you can use to write efficient code to simulate both error-corrected quantum algorithms and more recent variational quantum algorithms proposed for pre-error corrected NISQ devices.


Gate set and operations

Error models

Contributing to QX

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QX - Emulator backend

QX is our emulator backend for fast and powerfull emulaton of quantum algorithms. We are in the process of upgrading our QX emulator, providing you with different paradigms for simulating quantum circuits, using a larger set of error models and a wider range of functionality to get the most out of your simulations. Contact us if you want to contribute to this.

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