High qubit connectivity

Qubits couple to their nearest neighbors using a dedicated bus resonator for each pair.

Fast two-qubit gates

The flux-pulsing scheme used offers the fastest native conditional-phase gates. Fasten your seat belt!

Extensible architecture

Our modular stack, from quantum chip through control electronics and software, is extensible to at least 50 qubits.

“Offering two quantum technologies is a landmark achievement! We are thrilled to help redefine quantum computing with our control systems inside QI."”

Sadik Hafizovic

CEO Zurich Instruments

System overview

At the core of our Starmon-5 back-end lies a superconducting quantum processor based on circuit quantum electrodynamics. Five transmon qubits couple to nearest neighbors in an X-shaped configuration enabling fast two-qubit gates. Qubit operations are performed with room-temperature analog and digital control systems programmed using a high-level language and compiler. Extensibility to larger qubit systems is a key feature in the design of every layer of this full stack.

Quantum Inspire



Control Electronics

Quantum Processor

Starmon back-end

Starmon-5 is our first-generation back-end based on superconducting quantum hardware. We have several exciting new software features in the pipeline to allow expanded and more flexible programming for this hardware generation. Looking further ahead, it is our core mission to exercise the extensibility of our chip and control architectures. We target to expand the back-end to Starmon-7 next and Starmon-17 after that.

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